Gholamreza Pasban hazrat

GholamReza Pasban Hazrat was born in Mashhad and graduated from the University of Tehran- Fine Arts Faculty, in 1972 with high distinction in Architecture.
He began his Architectural Career since 1967 when he was a student, in collaboration with Eng. Hossein Emanat . Planning residential villas for Daryakenar project in North of Iran, some of Sharif technical University educational buildings as well as collaboration in site planning for Azadi square site were some of his main projects during this period.

In 1972 he established “Up” Consulting Company by two other partners until 1979 and planned villas, apartments, hotels , bank buildings as well as Jamshidieh Garden in this period

Then he established Bafteshahr consulting firm by collaboration with some of his Colleagues and were being selected as the managing director for two decades. Nowadays he is manager of planning and studies Department of Bafteshahr consulting firm and planned several projects in different fields of Architecture and urban- Environmental Design

Looking through my professional career for more than four decades, I always try to concentrate upon below points:

- Architecture: the knowledge of architecture would be indelible by the combination of natural elements; light, water, herbs, waft. Otherwise the architecture is just a still life; a solid combination of construction transferors.
- Landscape architecture: as we may know trees and flowers are being always considered as part of Iranian life. The invention of paradise ( Pardis) concept is coming from such humor. For me this concept played an important role for most of my plans during several park construction projects.
- Urban- Environmental design: the bioclimatic condition of our country and the vicinity of our cities to natural ingredients; mountains, submontane, rivers, seashores, made me not to apply the knowledge of urban design without conjunction to environment potentials, thus the result is Urban-Environmental Design which is applying both knowledge in a parallel access.